Storytelling Session – The Future of Women 2022

“Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

Naomi Mamiye

Interior Designer,
United States

Title : "Design Your Life"

“I have come to learn the importance of taking risks and taking that leap of faith. The fear of the unknown and the stability of routine has robbed people of their real callings. I have observed a large scale of depression and we can change the future by encouraging the young not to give up on their envisioned future.”

Naomi’s Journey!

Having a childhood full of tragedies, Naomi Mamiye got married young just to have a home. She did not have parents to guide or have her back. Because of her thoughtlessness of youth, years later she found herself divorced with 4 kids- no income or family to lean on. Naomi had to turn to her creativity to start a business. People laughed when she proposed to start the Naomi Mamiye Design firm. Instead of letting it bring her down, she used it as fuel to propel herself ahead and prove them wrong. Naomi pushed herself hard to get to the top of the design world. She did her first few projects free of charge to get her name out. With a good reputation, one referral came after the next and she never had to advertise. With a specialty in healthcare, Naomi Mamiye travels across the United States designing hospitals, rehab centers, assisted living centers, drug rehab centers and corporate offices. There is no single designer with these many projects to their name. Today, years later, she is considered a leader in the field and constantly gets asked by beginner designers for advice or to watch her work. Naomi spends endless hours with all, setting them up to start businesses of their own. A true leader creates more leaders!