" Everyone has a story. What’s yours? "

Christy McCaffrey

Non-profit Founder and Director
A Podcast Host, Writer and Producer

Christy McCaffrey is a non-profit founder and director, a podcast host, writer and producer. She is the founder/director of Project Scleroderma, the creator and host of Be The Good Podcast and co-creator/co- host of The Wisdom Work Community & Podcast.

With her nonprofit, Project Scleroderma, Christy works to produce documentary style videos and films to shed light on the stories of those who suffer from a rare autoimmune disease she lost her mother to 11 years ago, a disease called Scleroderma. Her first documentary was co-produced and narrated by the late actor/comedian/producer Bob Saget and her team has since gone on to create over 40 documentary videos for scleroderma awareness and patient support.

On her podcast, Be The Good, Christy interviews a diverse group of guests, each who are working to make a difference in the world in their own unique way. Through her Wisdom Work Community Christy and her co-host Christa Mantey encourage listeners and community members to follow their intuition as they work to unearth the wisdom that awaits them on their own personal growth journeys.

Through her work Christy says she has learned how to show up in her own authentic way to make an impact in the world and she is eager to help others connect to their own true authentic potential as well.

Amy Wheeler

Educator, Marathoner, Endurance Athlete

Amy is a mother, educator, marathoner, endurance athlete, and 2x Ironman. Her superpower is carving her own path, setting goals, working hard to achieve them, and inspiring others along the way. Amy shares her life mantra, “No mud, no lotus”, adopted from Thich Nhat Hanh. Amy’s journey may have started in the mud and she had a long trek through the darkness to the surface, but she bloomed, just like the lotus. Amy shares her journey of finding her passions, building her support team, throwing out life’s script, and goal writing. Amy dedicates her story to the side stepper, upstream swimmers, lotus flowers, and underdogs. You are enough!

Meshair Jirdeh


Born and raised in Saudi, Meshair came from a big family with seven siblings. Her parents are from Somalia and migrated to Saudi to start a family and raise them in religious beliefs and provide safe living. Meshair is the middle child, three older and three younger and always had that different chemistry that secluded her from the entire society. She studied English in a school, Somali at home from her parents, Arabic as her first language and recently learned French. She travelled for the first time when she was twenty-five years old and continued travelling ever since. She had been to several countries such as United Arab Emirates, France, Austria, Germany, Italy and Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and continues to travel the rest of the world. She is thirty-four years old and married to the man of her dreams, François. François is from France and is twenty-nine years old. He is a Pastry Chef who had filled her home and heart with sweet smell of freshly baked cookies and lavish decorations of petit fours. Meshair is a high school graduate and had some entry level jobs in different countries. She first worked in HSBC as a customer service through telephones in Riyadh. Then worked in the Four Seasons Hotels and other small hotels as an administrator. Traveling the world made her mind and heart expand. It made her modest. It filled her with love and left no room for hate and regret. Cheers to the power of love!

A link to her book (French Edition):

Please check out this short film based on her book:

We are all storytellers: being a storyteller is part of what makes us human, distinguishing us from other living beings. The Future of Women 2022 strives to bring storytellers across the globe together that help our participants to learn about each other outside of the framework of a formal conference paper.

In the spirit of the ongoing work of building a global movement in this field, this storytelling session will take place within the Conference. All of our participants, researchers, academics, women activists, students, educators, policymakers, advocates, cultural community activists, business leaders, Changemakers, social scientists or anyone interested in the related fields has an opportunity to share your story.

The storytelling session of the Future of Women 2022 offers you the opportunity to share your story in the following categories and modes of presentation:


  • Success Stories

    personal and project achievements, joyful accomplishments and Creations

  • Stories of Struggles

    including setbacks, anger, sadness


  • Narratives

  • Documentary films

  • Short fiction films

  • Performance art

    poetry, song, short dramas


  • Send your original work to on or before 20th January 2022 with your biography.
  • After submission, you will receive an acknowledged receipt via an email within three working days.
  • Submissions must be in English or with English subtitles.
  • All storytellers will be notified of acceptance within two weeks.
Each storyteller will be given a 30-Minutes Slot in the session, including the discussion time.


Once you are notified of the acceptance of your work,

  1. Register for the session
  2. Pay the Registration fee
  3. Reserve your slot

(The Storytelling session will be held during the conference period. The exact date and the time of the session will be announced with the final conference program of the conference. These performances will be ongoing throughout the day, and attendees can join at any point.)

Registration Fee Table

Early Bird Payment Deadline


Final Payment Deadline


USD 280
USD 300
USD 220
USD 250
(Two or more people are considered as a group. You are eligible for a discounted rate on the registration fee if you are a group of 5 or more people.)