Storytelling Session – The Future of Women 2022

“Everyone has a story. What’s yours?


Naomi Mamiye

Interior Designer,
United States

Title : "Design Your Life"

“I have come to learn the importance of taking risks and taking that leap of faith. The fear of the unknown and the stability of routine has robbed people of their real callings. I have observed a large scale of depression and we can change the future by encouraging the young not to give up on their envisioned future.”

Nada Lena Nasserdeen, MA

TEDx Speaker, Corporate Trainer
Best Selling Author
Certified Leadership and Confidence Coach
Business Owner and Founder of Rise Up For You
United States

Title : "Rise Up For You - The Time Is Now!"

“In this talk, Rise Up For You – Becoming Your Best Self, Nada breaks down the Six Pillars of Life and how they affect our behaviors and happiness. Through an exploration of the six pillars to a thriving life, Nada offers evidence-based strategies and practices for optimal well-being and success. When we find alignment within our own lives, we can better align with others in our workspaces, communities, and homes.”
Varshini Odayar

Varshini Odayar

Harvard Millennium Follow,
Co-Founder of Health RIGHTers,
United States.

Title : "Transcending Boundaries and Empowering Women: The Importance of Harnessing Communal Strength"

In this talk, Varshini will speak about her experience in transcending the boundaries set for women by society. She will talk about her experiences in carving out an academic interest of her own, and her passions for empowering other women to do the same,

She will talk about her journey with starting the nonprofit Sparking Lives and how she has grown and learned from her experiences with leading the organization and working with others. She believes that harnessing communal strength is incredibly powerful in building the confidence of other young women.

We are all storytellers: being a storyteller is part of what makes us human, distinguishing us from other living beings. The Future of Women 2022 strives to bring storytellers across the globe together that help our participants to learn about each other outside of the framework of a formal conference paper.

In the spirit of the ongoing work of building a global movement in this field, this storytelling session will take place within the Conference. All of our participants, researchers, academics, women activists, students, educators, policymakers, advocates, cultural community activists, business leaders, Changemakers, social scientists or anyone interested in the related fields has an opportunity to share your story.

The storytelling session of the Future of Women 2022 offers you the opportunity to share your story in the following categories and modes of presentation:


  • Success Stories

    personal and project achievements, joyful accomplishments and Creations

  • Stories of Struggles

    including setbacks, anger, sadness


  • Narratives

  • Documentary films

  • Short fiction films

  • Performance art

    poetry, song, short dramas


  • Send your original work to on or before 20th January 2022 with your biography.
  • After submission, you will receive an acknowledged receipt via an email within three working days.
  • Submissions must be in English or with English subtitles.
  • All storytellers will be notified of acceptance within two weeks.
Each storyteller will be given a 30-Minutes Slot in the session, including the discussion time.


Once you are notified of the acceptance of your work,

  1. Register for the session
  2. Pay the Registration fee
  3. Reserve your slot

(The Storytelling session will be held during the conference period. The exact date and the time of the session will be announced with the final conference program of the conference. These performances will be ongoing throughout the day, and attendees can join at any point.)

Registration Fee Table

Early Bird Payment Deadline


Final Payment Deadline


USD 280
USD 300
USD 220
USD 250
(Two or more people are considered as a group. You are eligible for a discounted rate on the registration fee if you are a group of 5 or more people.)