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“Lead with Influence”: Workshop on Values-based Leadership

Lauren Sweeney

Branding Expert | PIHRA Board Member
Corporate Trainer | Leadership & Confidence Coach
VP @Rise Up For You

Lauren Sweeney is the Vice President at Rise Up For You. It is a global educational and motivational company that focuses on enhancing company culture, and on personal development through teaching soft skills. Its mission is to help serve humanity by focusing on its most essential component—the people. The company ‘ s programming is SHRM certified, a Women-Owned Certified Business, and an approved vendor for the County of LA. Lauren was recently awarded the 2021 Ambassador of the Year for the Brea Chamber in Orange County. She serves on the Executive PIHRA Board as the Regional Representative for the Central chapters. She is also a board member of the North Orange County Chamber of Commerce.

Lauren has spoken to thousands of people on confidence, personal leadership, women in the workplace, and more! She has been featured on multiple podcasts, Shout LA magazine, and recognized in a number of California Chamber magazines. She has spoken at HR, Education, and Women in Leadership conferences throughout the United States. She has done keynote presentations on creating intentional company cultures, diverse and inclusive workplaces, and how to build career confidence. Personal branding, public speaking, emotional intelligence, and values-based leadership are some of her favorite topics to coach and teach. She recently built a Leadership Academy to support the social-emotional well-being of classified and credentialed staff for a local school district. Lauren has incredible passion, energy, and relatability with the audiences she serves