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Business Woman Forum will be happened on the first day of the 2nd International Conference on Future Women and invites women leaders, women activists, scholars, scientists and all participants of the conference for an insightful discussion about “Women Entrepreneurship and Economic Development”.

We discuss ways women are challenged and succeed in building their careers and growing their businesses. Together and inspired we can become, paramount partners in economic growth and development and fulfill our own potential. The panel topics vary to ensure the inclusive activation of the female voice in business.

On 14th February 2019

From 2.30p.m – 4.00p.m

Lakshaman Bandaranayake-Conference on Future Women 2019

Mr. Lakshaman Bandaranayake

Sarvodaya SEEDS

Samadani Kiriwandeniya Women Entrepreneurship

Ms. Samadani Kiriwandeniya

SANASA Development Bank


Carmen Niethammer

Program Manager,
Women in Work at
International Finance Corporation

Woman CEO Forum 2019

Woman CEO Forum 2019 will be happened on the first day of the 2nd International Conference on Future Women and offering insights for women’s success while encouraging more women in the workforce to develop their careers and aspire leadership positions.

This forum will combine representatives from the industry and academia to discuss their approaches, perceived successes and failures, and strategies for the future. Join us to walk away with tangible, actionable advice as well as important sources of support from distinguished leaders.

On 14th February 2019

From 4.30p.m – 6.00p.m

Gayani De Alwis Woman CEO Forum 2019

Ms. Gayani De Alwis

Management Consultant & Lecturer
Founding Chairperson of WiLAT


Ruth Ostrow

Speaker, Writer, Presenter


Nisha Arunatilake

Director of Research and a fellow
Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) of Sri Lanka