mahendranath busgopaul

Mahendranath Busgopaul

Secretary General
Halley Movement Coalition

Mahendranath Busgopaul is the Secretary-General of Halley Movement and the founder of Internet Child Safety Foundation. He is also a trainer and researcher and has implemented various community-based programs in the African region, including Helpline Mauritius, the first free online counseling service for children and young adults in Mauritius. Mahendranat occupied key positions in the education sector in Mauritius for the past 40 years, He have come up with policy at national level on issues related to Internet Governance. Mahendranat have a University degree and he have piloted various community based programmes at national level. Since the past 20 years, his organisation is running informal schools for marginalised and rural children in Mauritius. At regional level, he is the elected member for the General Assembly of African Union, ECOSOCC.

He also serves as a Country Liaison for Childhood Education International and has participated in several Education Diplomacy events, including the 2017 Institute of the Center for Education Diplomacy. As the leader of Halley Movement, Mahendranath presented on “Sexual Exploitation of Children in Mauritius” during the United Nations Human Rights Council held in Geneva in October 2018. The UN Human Rights Council ultimately followed up on several of Halley Movement’s recommendations, including taking action on child protection and adopting a new children’s bill.