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Dr. Saundarya Rajesh

Social Entrepreneur, Founder & President


Dr. Saundarya Rajesh, a PhD in Women’s Workforce Participation with several original, multi-disciplinary research papers to her credit, is a first-generation entrepreneur who is credited with having started India’s first ever career service for women, AVTAR I-WIN, in 2005. She is best known for her work in the area of flexible working, second careers for women, and increasing women’s workforce participation in India. She has won a slew of awards including the Tie Stree Shakti Women Entrepreneur Award, FICCI FLO Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Standard Chartered SCOPE Woman Exemplar Award, The Yuvashakthi woman entrepreneur award. And for relentlessly championing the cause of career re-entry opportunities for women who have taken breaks after marriage, childbirth or relocation, and for her indefatigable focus on women’s workforce participation, Dr. Saundarya Rajesh was selected for the #100 Women Achiever’s initiative by Government of India (Ministry of Women and Child Development) and met the Hon. President of India and the Minister for W&CD at Delhi in January 2016. She was also selected as the Top 25 Women Transforming India, by NiTI Aayog.

She is a powerful and inspiring speaker. Invited by national and international organizations to deliver talks and keynote sessions on Women & Leadership, Intentionality of Careers and The Economics of Balanced Leadership, Dr. Rajesh has consistently wowed her audiences with her unique perspectives and fresh insights. She is also a TED speaker on the topics of Diversity & Inclusion. Accenture felicitated her with the Changemaker award on the International Women’s Day last year on 8th March.

Please see this link for a peep into Dr. Rajesh’s vision:

Ruth Ostrow

Speaker, Writer, Presenter



Ruth Ostrow is a Walkley Award nominated writer, keynote speaker, video-maker and social commentator in the area of human relations, psychology and wellbeing, most recently producing an acclaimed on-line documentary series Total Success. The series showed that for many business and political leaders success is about far more than financial riches or power rather care of the soul.

She is best known for her columns and features in The Australian newspaper which have been read by millions over the years, and has a host of books to her credit in the areas of sex & relationships, life matters, the secrets of business success, health and spirituality: in short, spreadsheets and bed-sheets.

Ostrow trained as a leading finance journalist with the Australian Financial Review, before moving to New York, becoming famed for her writings on sexuality, gender issues and equality, later returning to her controversial radio program on Triple M and TV program on Channel 7.

She has lived an eclectic life from war zones to peaceful pastures living and working abroad as a foreign correspondent as deputy editor of the Israel Economist Magazine; and later moving to Byron Bay becoming a yoga teacher, nutritional consultant and keynote speaker on matters of Wellness. She traveled the world speaking at conferences as diverse as healthy ageing and neuroscience. Currently living in Sydney she recently got her Masters degree in multimedia, documentary-making and on-line journalism; and is also studying Art & Design at UNSW to fulfil a wish to become an artist.

She has lectured at the Happiness Conference on depression and has been a keynote speaker at two prestigious International Women’s Conference’s in India including the latest in 2018, and the International Conference on Healthy-Ageing and Longevity and the International Complementary Psychiatry Conference. She is an advocate for The Black Dog Institute. Her other great passion is animal welfare and she is a supporter and promoter of Voiceless, Wires and the OurEarth organization.


email :

Twitter : @OstrowRuth