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Malalai Joya

Political Activist and Writer

Malalai Joya is an activist, writer, and a former politician from Afghanistan. She served as a Parliamentarian in the National Assembly of Afghanistan from 2005 until early 2007. She is an outspoken critic of the Karzai administration and its western supporters, particularly the United States. Joya has written a memoir with Canadian writer Derrick O’Keefe. The US and Canadian version of the book was published in October 2009 by Scribner under the title of A Woman Among Warlords: The Extraordinary Story of an Afghan Who Dared to Raise Her Voice in 224 pages.

In 2010, Time magazine placed Malalai Joya on their annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Foreign Policy Magazine listed Malalai Joya in its annual list of the Top 100 Global Thinkers. On March 8, 2011, The Guardian listed her among “Top 100 women: activists and campaigners”. September 27, 2010, British Magazine New Statesman listed Malalai Joya in the list of “The World’s 50 Most Influential Figures 2010.” In 2010, as part of the Forbes The World’s Most Powerful People package, American playwright, performer and activist Eve Ensler, founder of V-Day, named The World’s Seven Most Powerful Feminists, Malalai Joya was one of them. January 2004, The Cultural Union of Afghans in Europe, awarded her the “Malalai of Maiwand” award for her brave speech in the Loya Jirga. December 2004, the Valle d’Aosta Province of Italy awarded her the International Women of the Year 2004 Award. March 15, 2006, Tom Bates, Mayor of Berkeley presented a certificate of honor to her for “her continued work on behalf of human rights” and she was named among the “1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005. The World Economic Forum selected Joya among 250 Young Global Leaders for 2007 and in September 11, 2007, The European Parliament named Joya among five nominees for Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought 2007.

Dr. Indigo Triplett 

CEO, Author and Speaker
United States

” Moving from the Middle to the Top “

Dr. Indigo Triplett, CEO of 4D Performance has achieved great success as a leader, author and speaker. She is admired for her down-to- earth methods and techniques, but perhaps more known as an authentic leader who tackles organizational development and workforce topics. Stateside to abroad– from Atlanta, Georgia to Shanghai, China– she delivers a message and philosophy that is insightful; thus, resonating with people at every tier of their career or within an organization.

As the CEO and Founder of Careers In Transition, Inc., she led the successful Performance Management consulting firm that provided wise strategies for performance and productivity. From the Federal Government to Fortune 500 Corporations, she helps organizations attract, develop, and retain employees for improved results. As a renowned Speaker, Dr. Indigo is hilariously honest and refreshingly blunt giving a professional twist that captures her audience’s imagination and inspires their spirit.

As the author of Playing by the Unwritten Rules I: Moving from the Middle to the Top and Playing by the Unwritten Rules II: From a Job Defense to a Career Offense, she is a leading authority on career management. Noted for “making the implicit explicit” and injecting humor into her subject matter, she is called upon by nationally recognized magazines, newspapers, television and radio outlets.

Dr. Indigo recently launched 4D Performance in Malaysia, which mirrors her US Company. Based on her research, she believes that Asia is primed to be the next global economic power. However, she also believes that there must be a shift in how the Asian workforce is preparing for this growth and global competitiveness. She further believes that a foundation built on performance and productivity will create sustainability. This means leveraging diversity, creating inclusion, developing an agile workforce that is empowered, creative and life-long learners are essential. It is not what a person knows but what she/he is willing to learn that will move an organization forward. She received her Ph.D. in Values-Driven Leadership from Benedictine University and holds a MA in Organizational Development from Webster University.

Prof. Gaphee Ko 

Activist, Professor, and Theoretician
South Korea

“Towards the Greater Vision for Women and the Earth: The Three Color Paradigm and Glocal Activism for Feminist Movement”

Prof. Gaphee Ko is an activist, professor and theoretician. She is the founder of the Network for Glocal Activism, an international activist organization that established the School of Feminism for Glocal Activists with other glocal-point (GP) members in Mexico, China and South Africa in 2009. She obtained her PhD in New York University.

She is the current director of glocal point chapter in Korea. She was one of the co-founders of the Centre for Women‘s Culture and Feminist Theories in 1997, for which she served as the first director. The centre opened the feminist publishing company Alterity, and she has acted as the company‘s president since 1998. In 1999 she founded the biannual feminist journal Theoria: A Journal of Feminist Theories and Practices with Korean feminists.

She has been giving speeches for the audience in the forums and conferences in Australia, China, Turkey and Mexico and also giving lectures for the students and feminists of Uzbekistan and China. She has been on the faculty of Hanshin University since 1995. She teaches feminism, English literature and literatures of West Indies and South Africa. Her theoretical concerns are the seong‘ (sex-gender-sexuality) system and the ‗red-green-purple‘ paradigm. Her research interests are focused on the relationship between patriarchy and capitalism, militarism and imperialism. She is the author of several books, including Seong System (2011) and Work and Sexuality (2005).

Prof.Anita Singh

Centre for Women’s Studies and Development,
Banaras Hindu University

” Towards Equal World/Equal Spaces: New Challenges for Gender Equality in the 21st Century “

Anita Singh is a Professor in the Department of English and Co-coordinator of the Centre for Women’s Studies and Development at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. Her areas of interest are Gender Studies and Performance Studies. She has completed a project on ‘Staging Gender: Performing Women in the Ramlila of Ramnagar’ in 2016. Her recent edited book is Gender, Space and Resistance: Women and Theatre in India (2013) She has also published interviews with Indian women theatre artiste in Asian Theatre Journal. She has contributed in four chapters in  Routledge Handbook of Asian Theatre, ed. Siyuan Liu, 2016. She received Fulbright Fellowship in the year 2013