Keynote Speaker

Prof. Kalenda Eaton 

Clara Luper Department of African and African American Studies University of Oklahoma,

Dr. Kalenda Eaton is a Fulbright scholar and faculty member in The Clara Luper Department of African and African American Studies at the University of Oklahoma (Oklahoma, USA). Her research areas include studies of the American west; literature written by women; Black social and cultural history; and Black Diaspora studies. From 2017-2019, she was the Steinbrucker Endowed Chair in Humanities at Arcadia University (Pennsylvania, USA), and founded the Humanities Research Lab during her tenure.
She is the author of Womanism, Literature, and the Transformation of the Black Community, 1965-1980. Her recent publications can be found in Gender and the American West, American Studies Journal, World Literature Today, and Africa Today.

Plenary Speaker

Dr. Silvia Abad-Merino

Faculty of Education Sciences,
University of Córdoba,

Dr. Silvia Abad-Merino (Ph.D. in Applied Psychology) is a Professor in the Department of Education at the University of Córdoba, Spain. Her research is focused on the systematic study of how subtle forms of bias maintain structural disadvantage for a variety of vulnerable groups including immigrants, ethnic minorities and women; the evaluation of inequitable outcomes of different vulnerable populations in educational and health settings; and the enhancement of equity development, inclusion and effective cross-cultural communication in global intercultural societies. Her academic and research trajectory show a deep commitment to issues of social justice and empowering members of traditionally disadvantaged groups through education and community involvement.